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Suspect fraud? Call our Fraud Hotline!

One of our goals is to increase awareness of fraud and the vigilance of everyday citizens to report fraudulent activity when suspected. Fraud can be reported online, by mail or by calling our Fraud Hotline at 1-800-644-6292. Calling the Fraud Hotline is the most interactive and direct way that you, our partners in fraud prevention and detection, can help. 

We realize that such partnerships are necessary to achieve our fraud prevention goals. For example, the conviction of Alfreda Dozier in October 2013 was the result of a call to the BWC Fraud Hotline from an anonymous source.

You may suspect someone is working while receiving compensation, filed a false claim for an injury that did not happen or is committing another type of workers’ compensation fraud. Calling a fraud hotline may seem rather intimidating. We understand that it can be a nerve-wracking decision to make the call. The person you suspect of fraud could be a friend, a loved-one or even an immediate family member.

Above all, we realize the importance of personal security and safety to each caller.

When you call the BWC Fraud Hotline, you will speak with a real person on the other end, one who is ready and willing to record your concerns and one who has years of knowledge, skills and experience securing information from sources like you.

While fraud hurts honest workers and employers, resolution does not have to wait for investigation and conviction to begin. “Occasionally, I took calls from people turning themselves in because they felt guilt for the crime they alleged to commit,” said Bre, a former BWC Fraud Hotline dispatcher who currently works in BWC’s Special Investigations Department (SID) Intelligence Unit. It was always rewarding to see people do the right thing.” 

Honest consciences do not need to wait.

When you call, you’ll speak with a professional like Bre. She will enter your responses directly into our secure fraud management software. Your identity will remain either anonymous or confidential, depending upon your preference. You do not need to have all of the facts worked out; you do not even need to hold 100 percent confidence in your suspicion. You need only to suspect that fraud may have occurred or continues to occur.       

“The whole process entails as few as five to 10 minutes,” said SID Training Coordinator Jeff Baker. “Nonetheless, collecting the right information from a caller requires BWC Fraud Hotline professionals to devote as much time as the caller’s unique allegation merits.”

When calling, please provide the information you have, including:

  • The name and address of the subject you’re reporting;
  • Known details regarding the subject’s alleged behavior;
  • Any other information that might pertain to the suspected fraudulent activity.

It is through the efforts and vigilance of fellow workers and citizens like you, that we can help curb workers’ compensation fraud in Ohio.

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