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Akron pain doc guilty of workers’ comp fraud

False billing cited in felony case

An Akron pain specialist has agreed to reimburse the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation more than $33,000 and stop seeing injured workers in the BWC system after pleading guilty to a fifth-degree felony count of workers’ compensation fraud July 26.

Acting on a tip from a former patient, BWC investigators found Dr. William Midian, 71, provided inadequate care and falsified patient records so he could bill the agency for services he did not render.

“Our investigation revealed that on several occasions in 2016, the doctor billed our agency for services we know he didn’t provide,” said Jim Wernecke, director of BWC’s special investigations department. “In addition, we found the quality of his care lacking. It certainly wasn’t at the level our injured workers expect and deserve.”

Appearing in a Franklin County courtroom, Midian agreed to reimburse BWC $33,035 for payments he improperly received and the cost of the investigation. He also agreed to withdraw from BWC’s network of approved health care providers.

To report suspected workers’ compensation fraud, call 1-800-644-6292 or visit bwc.ohio.gov.

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