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Bedford man convicted of same workers’ comp fraud as his sister

Ramzes MadisonRamzes Madison of Bedford (Cuyahoga County) was convicted charges related to misleading BWC about his status as a college student on December 10, three weeks after his sister pleaded guilty to similar charges.

Ramzes Madison was eligible to receive death benefits up to age 25 if enrolled at an accredited educational institution. SID began investigating after receiving an allegation that he was submitting proof of college enrollment to BWC in order to receive benefits but was not attending the classes.

BWC’s Special Investigations Department obtained enrollment records from the University of Akron and Cuyahoga Community College and found that he had not attended classes he was registered for after submitting his schedule to the BWC.

Ramzes Madison was convicted of one fifth-degree felony count workers’ compensation fraud.  He was sentenced to 20 days in jail in the Franklin County Correctional Center and five years of community control. Should sanctions of his community control be violated, Madison will face an additional 12 months in prison.  As a condition of his probation, Madison is required to pay $19,611.42 in restitution to BWC.

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