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Coming soon…SID’s annual report

Each year, we furnish an annual report of SID’s performance, strategic initiatives and fraud trends, and this year isn’t any different.

The SID team is currently reviewing operations, assessing performance outcomes and tallying the results achieved throughout fiscal year 2015, which concluded June 30. Since fiscal year 2001, this year-end process has culminated in the annual late July publication of our SID annual report.

Although we’re still finalizing the latest report, we’re pleased that it appears we will surpass our outstanding results from fiscal year 2014. View the entire 2014 annual report here.

SID diligently works behind the scenes. Our investigative staff makes sure that those with legitimate work-related injuries are receiving needed benefits and medical care, and that employers and medical providers are fulfilling workers’ compensation requirements. Those who do not follow the law are handled accordingly. In this upcoming report, we will draw attention to some of our successes in the past year, profile interesting and noteworthy fraud cases, and provide a preview of our new strategic practices and initiatives.

The report will also offer achievements of respective teams and task forces, as well as shine a spotlight upon their operational trends and strategies. This year’s report will include a summary of presentations facilitated by SID employees.

As we create and finalize the annual report, we continue to deter, detect and investigate fraudulent behavior. On July 1, we commenced the work that will be included in our fiscal year 2016 annual report.

Criminals do not take time off, and neither do we.

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