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Social media helps to deter, detect and investigate workers’ comp fraud

Since 2011, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has used social media to highlight our Special Investigations Department’s efforts to deter, detect and investigate workers’ compensation fraud. And in August 2013, we took it a step further and created Fraud Fridays.

The social media campaign notifies the public of outstanding fugitives, prosecutions, anti-fraud efforts and job postings. SID Facebook content furnishes surveillance video footage, booking photos of convicted subjects and descriptions of their fraud schemes.

That’s right – each week, we share meaningful content on newsworthy fraud topics. Many of the Fraud Friday articles educate our readers on how to detect various types of fraud committed by claimants, employers and providers. We teach our readers how to recognize fraudulent behaviors using real examples of common fraud schemes. We furnish our friends with multiple means to easily report their suspicions to us, including a link to a Report Fraud form. Each article reminds readers that if they suspect workers’ compensation fraud, they may call 1-800-644-6292, visit bwc.ohio.gov, or visit facebook.com/ohiobwcfraud.

We’re certain that all of the above deter would-be criminals from committing fraud against the State Insurance Fund, which pays for injured worker benefits.

In addition to educating the public and deterring future fraud, SID uses social media to conduct our investigations. The SID digital forensics unit uses social media research to support investigations conducted by other SID teams. During fiscal year 2014, the unit also responded to 139 such requests. The unit’s social media analysis assisted SID teams in locating claimants, providers and employers. Through this analysis, the DFU identified the employment information of claimant subjects, as well as potential suspects, witnesses and co-conspirators.

To maximize the impact of our social media campaign, we offer readers a variety of ways they may connect with us and receive news releases, videos, articles and other updates:

And finally, for more articles from our blog, please visit ohiobwcfraud.wordpress.com. Thank you for your support of our efforts!

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