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[Not] Back to school fraud

It’s September, and many are now back at school, including some who have sadly lost a loved one to a workplace accident or injury. The surviving dependents of these lost workers are eligible for BWC benefits between 18 and 25 years of age, if they are enrolled full-time at an accredited educational institution. Claimants themselves also attend college to achieve their return to work goals.

Unfortunately, some benefit recipients falsify the college records they submit. They attempt to deceive us by enrolling in, but not completing, the courses. They seek to receive the benefits without actually attending the classes. Of course, we know how to detect, investigate and prosecute this crime.

This is how Ryan Strohm, of Cocoa Beach, Florida, was convicted, and why he was sentenced to pay BWC $8,472.08 in restitution. In a July 25 press release, we reported that Strohm withdrew from his BWC-paid college courses, but submitted grades to BWC as if he had completed those courses to prepare to return to work. In fact, he had fraudulently returned to work.

The majority of these recipients of such important benefits act honestly, and we wish that all of them would. Each benefit recipient should return to school and complete their coursework, as promised.

Then, it truly is return to school season.

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