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Orient man ordered to repay $54K in workers’ comp benefits

???????????????????????????????Columbus – An Orient (Pickaway County) man was ordered to pay more than $54,000 in restitution in connection with working while receiving workplace injury benefits. Craig Vance pleaded guilty July 24 in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to one count of workers’ compensation fraud, a fifth-degree felony.

“Thanks to an allegation reported to BWC, tens of thousands of dollars will be returned to the State Insurance Fund,” said Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer. “The public serves as our eyes and ears for detecting workers’ comp fraud. If you notice suspicious activity by a claimant, an employer or a medical provider, please report it and we’ll promptly investigate the matter.”

BWC’s special investigations unit received an allegation that Vance was working while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Multiple undercover operations were conducted, Vance’s bank records were reviewed and several customers were interviewed; these sources revealed that Vance was operating his own auto mechanic shop from his residence while receiving BWC benefits.

Vance was ordered to pay $54,030 to BWC. He was also sentenced to serve 11 months in prison, but the prison sentence was suspended for a five-year term of community control with basic supervision.

To report suspected workers’ compensation fraud, call 1-800-644-6292 or visit bwc.ohio.gov.

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