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Have presentation, will travel

Blog photo for 7-3-14As we craft our Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report, we are reviewing our most successful strategies and key accomplishments. Once again this year, we recognize the importance of educating and informing our stakeholders about how they may join us to combat fraud.

We annually schedule and conduct dozens of fraud presentations to groups of internal and external stakeholders throughout the state. These groups have included other BWC departments, public and private employers, third party administrators, medical providers, MCOs and members of associations, such as chambers of commerce, safety councils and bar associations.

During fiscal year 2014, we conducted more than 45 presentations describing and demonstrating how we accomplish our mission: To effectively and proactively prevent losses to the workers’ compensation system and to deter, detect, investigate and prosecute workers’ compensation fraud. Our SID employees share examples of successful cases and furnish all attendees with the means to detect and report suspected fraud.We know these fraud presentations make a difference. Attendees tell us so. For example, a participant at a March 28 fraud presentation posted the following feedback to our OhioBWCFraud Facebook timeline: “Your guys did a great job with the Ohio Welfare Fraud Conference presentation today! Thank you!”

We welcome requests for fraud presentations from all interested organizations. To schedule a fraud presentation, simply e-mail BWC SID Training and we will promptly contact you to discuss your group’s event.

For more details pertaining to our fraud prevention efforts, view our SID FY 2013 Annual Report here. Also, stay tuned for the late July release of the SID FY 2014 Annual Report.

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