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Coming Soon…SID FY 2014 Annual Report

Like a good movie trailer that entices you to go to the movie theater, we would like to make you aware of our soon-to-be released SID fiscal year 2014 Annual Report.  Each year, we furnish an annual report of our performance, strategic initiatives and fraud trends we have identified.  In the coming weeks, we will be hard at work reviewing operations, assessing performance outcomes and tallying the results achieved during fiscal year 2014, which concludes on June 30. Since fiscal year 2001, this year-end process has culminated in the publication (during late July) of our SID annual report.

Like in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, we are like the man behind the curtain.  Our investigative staff works diligently to ensure those with legitimate work-related injuries receive benefits and medical care…and those who are not answer for their actions to the fullest extent of the law.  In the coming report, we will highlight some of our successes in the past year, profile some interesting fraud cases and provide a sneak peak of our new strategic initiatives.

Since SID performance results are generated by effective collaborations with our governmental and public law enforcement colleagues, the report will acknowledge those agencies with which we conducted joint investigations during fiscal year 2014.

The document will also offer achievements of respective teams and task forces, as well as shine a spotlight upon operational trends and strategies. Debuting in this year’s report will be a summary of presentations facilitated by SID employees. These include our sponsorship of an inaugural Electronic Surveillance Equipment Symposium, conducted for 300 members of governmental and public law enforcement agencies on April 17.

Most importantly, we’re pleased that the current level of performance suggests we will surpass our outstanding results from fiscal year 2013. View the entire 2013 annual report here.

Of course, criminals do not take sabbaticals. Neither do we. Even as we create and finalize the fiscal year 2014 report, we continue to detect, investigate, prosecute and deter fraud. On July 1, we commence the work that will warrant review in our fiscal year 2015 Annual Report.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the late July release of the SID fiscal year 2014 Annual Report.

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