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Spotlight: SID college relations program – Current interns speak for themselves

Interested in getting coffee? Making photocopies?

You won’t find that at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC) Special Investigations Department (SID). SID interns are real employees who do real work.

In the recent weeks, we’ve discussed various aspects of the SID college relations program, from our two-part history, which can be found by clicking here and here, to the testimonials of those who have graduated from the program here.

Today, we share thoughts from our current interns and advice for those who wish to be considered for future opportunities.

“I know I’m always doing real work when I head into the office each day and included in projects with the rest of the team,” said Hillsdale College student Dantan Wernecke, who interns in SID’s intelligence unit. “They’re always willing to help and teach. It really is unbelievable to imagine everything I’ve learned in the time I’ve been with SID and IU. The bottom line is that here, interns are trusted to do work that matters.”

Matthew Near, a student at The Ohio State University, said being an intern in SID’s intelligence unit has helped expand his critical thinking skills.

“The people here have enabled me to think outside of the box to identify fraud in new ways not previously done before,” he said.

We’re pleased to add that our college relations program attracts students from a variety of backgrounds, schools and experiences. Our current interns are here for the same reasons that our past interns have interned at SID: they want a challenge.

Are you enrolled at a college or university and interested in joining our team as an intern? If so, simply contact our training coordinator, Jeff Baker at Jeffrey.B.1@bwc.state.oh.us

We look forward to improving our program and it is because of the feedback we receive from interns, past and present that allow us to add to our success. Ultimately, we know that whatever success we do have lies with the talented students we attract. If you are interested, we encourage you to reach out and request more information.


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