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Going after every dollar: Fraud investigators at OSC 2014

OSC14_FoxThe 2014 Ohio Safety Congress (OSC) came to a close yesterday and, in one of the final sessions, three supervisors from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Special Investigations Department (SID) gave their presentation on Workers’ Compensation fraud, its “red flags” and what employers can do if they are suspicious. . Over the two-day conference, SID staff twice presented “Workers’ Compensation: Do You Know if it’s Happening to You?” to a crowded room.

Special Agents in Charge (SACs) Phill Brickman, Shawn Fox, and Doug Fisher took turns presenting an overview of SID, who we are, and what we do. Attendees were presented a breakdown of all the types of complaints SID receives, as well as the differences between claimant, provider, and employer fraud.

Though a serious topic, the session wasn’t without humor. “Our investigators love finding fraud and some people just love talking about how clever they are, so it works out” quipped SAC Shawn Fox, referencing those who brag on Facebook or to their friends about their crime.

The trio also fielded a variety of questions from the audience. One attendee asked what the cost of one investigation is and if it’s even worth it. SAC Doug Fisher replied investigations are indeed worth the effort, sharing the fact that each dollar spent on investigative costs brings five dollars back to BWC.”

OSC14_FraudAnother audience member relayed a story of a co-worker they suspected of filing a false claim and noted that had she known there was a dedicated fraud team in place at BWC, she would have dealt with her suspicion differently. While SID has been around for 20 years, we are still reminded that part of our mission is spreading awareness of who we are. “This is what we do,” stated SAC Phill Brickman, “we will go after every dollar and dime. Call us and put us to work.”

SID agents were eager to use their time presenting at OSC 2014 as an opportunity to explain workers’ compensation fraud and let employers know there is a dedicated team in place to combat fraud. When asked to summarize the purpose of the presentation in one sentence, SAC Fox offered that it was to “educate employers on what services the Special Investigations Department can provide to them to deter, investigate, and prosecute workers’ compensation fraud.”

Like maintaining a safe work environment, weeding out fraud and abuse of disability benefits may lead to lower premiums for employers and ensure that BWC remains an efficient system to aid those workers who are truly injured.

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