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Fraud red flags: Recognizing fraud wherever it exists

fraud picWorkers’ compensation fraud takes many forms and we rely on all law-abiding citizens to provide tips when they notice suspicious behavior.

However, we understand the untrained person may notice warning signs, but not recognize them as fraud red flags. To assist, we created a one-page brochure for printed distribution to safety councils throughout the state – and to you. This resource lists signs of potential fraud committed by claimants, health-care providers and employers. Of course, detection of any of those signs does not necessarily mean that fraud exists. Our investigators carefully collect and analyze the facts to determine whether fraud was committed.

We hope our ongoing efforts to educate and provide awareness about workers’ compensation fraud further your understanding of our mission to protect the State Insurance Fund.

You are our eyes and ears! Thank you for your help in stamping out fraud. Please, use these fraud red flags and keep your tips coming. To report workers’ comp fraud in Ohio, click here or call our fraud hotline at 1-800-644-6292.

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