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Lima business owner owes more than $68,000 in unpaid premiums

BWC investigators recently closed a case involving Michael Bassinger, owner of Freight Lease, Inc. in Lima (Allen County), who was found operating his business without the required workers’ compensation insurance coverage since 2009.  Bassinger must now repay BWC more than $68,000 he owes in unpaid premiums.

The Special Investigations Department opened the case after BWC’s Employer Compliance Department tried multiple attempts to assist Bassinger with bringing his policy into compliance. Investigators interviewed Bassinger, who stated he knew he was in violation of state law and wished to get back into compliance.  Bassinger submitted payroll reports and made a few sporadic payments, but never entered into a payment plan that would allow reinstatement of his policy.

The case was referred to the Lima Municipal Court. Bassinger testified that he agreed to a payment plan with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to reinstate his policy. He presented a copy a treasurer’s check in the amount of $50,000 to be used as a down payment, followed by $2,500 monthly payments. Bassinger was convicted of a misdemeanor count of failure to comply, fined $150 plus court costs, and ordered to comply with his established payment plan. Judge Workman advised Bassinger that he would lose his freedom if he did not comply with the sentencing.

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