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A source’s one stop shop: BWC Contact Center

ImageSince 1996, professionals in the BWC Contact Center’s “fraud hotline” have effectively processed more than 30,000 allegations of workers’ compensation fraud. While this statement is comprised of simple words, the work required is far from simplistic.

To meet the expectations of fraud hotline customers, our BWC Contact Center colleagues:

  • Conduct immediate interviews with sources contacting the BWC fraud hotline to furnish new allegations;
  • Conduct follow-up interviews with sources and witnesses re-contacting the fraud hotline to either furnish additional information or to secure an investigative update;
  • Process allegations submitted to BWC by means of an online allegation referral form accessed and completed by sources via the BWC’s “Reporting fraud” web page;
  • Complete preliminary research pertaining to each subject before re-assigning the new allegations to the Fraud Management System work list of the respective special investigations unit.

The front end work performed by BWC Contact Center colleagues is instrumental to the success of our investigations. Their interviews with sources and preliminary research of BWC information are critical steps. Their considerable efforts have resulted in more than 2,500 cases closed founded (the original allegation was proven) and $163.8 million in savings identified to the Ohio State Fund.

You are our eyes and ears! Members of the BWC Contact Center fraud hotline understand, appreciate and thank you for your help in stamping out fraud. Please, keep those tips coming. To report workers’ comp fraud to one of our BWC Contact Center professionals, click here or call our fraud hotline at 1-800-644-6292.

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