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Collaboration: The source of our success – Part 1 of 2

Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies are often portrayed as caught up in turfism. We’ve all viewed the all-too-common plot line wherein either “the feds” or “the locals” usurp control of, take credit for or even attempt to thwart an investigation. Perhaps, movie and television producers believe that this dramatic tension is real, as part of the American experience as independence, individualism and athletic competition. But, no matter their rationale, we find such occurrences of turfism are far and few in between.

The reality in our profession is that — driven by their constant, common quest to deter, detect, investigate and prosecute crime — members of the criminal justice and law enforcement community routinely offer cooperation and invite collaboration with other agencies in all jurisdictions.

Most frequently, members of our Special Investigations Department (SID) collaborate with other agencies to share information about and conduct joint criminal investigations of fraud suspects. Throughout Ohio, SID agents consistently launch joint investigations and execute search warrants with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Since 1993, we have closed thousands of cases with the direct assistance of countless agencies and entities.

For years, we’ve chronicled these investigative successes and credited the other agencies by name within our annual SID fraud report. For example, in our FY 2012 fraud report, we summarized the investigation and prosecution of Randy and Robin Hammond (formerly of Galion, Ohio). We credited the Office of the Attorney General of Ohio with having issued a nationwide warrant for the arrest of the Hammonds after they fled the state in a futile attempt to avoid prosecution. We thanked the U.S. Marshals Service for arresting the Hammonds, after our Fugitive Task Force and Digital Forensics Unit located them at a Hurricane, Utah mobile home park. Thanks to this effective collaboration, the Hammonds were found guilty. The court sentenced Randy Hammond to serve five years of probation, Robin Hammond to serve one year of incarceration, and both to jointly pay BWC $173,332 in restitution.

In many of these annual fraud reports, we’ve included an appendix listing each agency with which we conducted a joint investigation during the fiscal year. In the FY 2009 report, we listed 91 agencies. Current examples include:

  • Municipal police departments;
  • County sheriff offices;
  • Dozens of state agencies and task forces–in Ohio and elsewhere;
  • Federal administrations, bureaus, commissions, departments, offices and services; and
  • City, county, state and federal prosecutors.

We recognize, praise and thank all of our colleagues and other stakeholders for their successful collaboration with us and others. We respect and appreciate their dedication to serving and protecting the citizens of the state of Ohio.

Check out tomorrow’s post, part two of two, where we’ll give you an inside look at our partnerships with others.

Want to learn more? You can read the past posts about our history here and our current efforts here.

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