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All hands on deck: SID sails into the future

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From left: Jennifer Saunders, SID Assistant Director; Rick Gregory, SID Director; Amy Huth, Employer Services Specialist; and Steve Buehrer, BWC Administrator/CEO. Amy received a certificate in recognition of her extraordinary performance in pursuit of excellence.

In our constant quest for improvement, all members of the Special Investigations Department (SID) gathered last week at our Columbus main headquarters to successfully complete in-service training. We call this particular type of training event an “All Hands” meeting – as in all hands on deck. Led by SID Director Rick Gregory, we shared investigative successes, learned how to use new technology recently secured, and committed to operational strategies for even greater effectiveness.

We’ve found that one of the chief ways to find new or alternate methods of fraud detection and investigation is to consult counterpart agencies. Such collaboration allows SID to examine its own methods to see where improvements can be made, how tasks can be accomplished more efficiently, and what new strategies or technologies can be used in the course of an investigation. This is why Director Gregory invited a Department of Public Safety expert from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) to be our “All Hands” keynote speaker (and what a prudent and wise decision it was!) In just 60 minutes, the dedicated and talented OSHP colleague increased our awareness and skills in ensuring agent safety while conducting effective criminal investigations.

It is an honor for us to recognize, praise and thank our OSHP colleagues. We respect and appreciate all of our law enforcement colleagues for their dedication to serving and protecting the citizens of the state of Ohio. Thanks to their willingness to effectively collaborate, our sails are filled.

You can read the past posts about our history here and our current efforts here.

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