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Brunswick man convicted of workers’ comp fraud

Donald WhitfordDonald Whitford of Brunswick (Medina County) pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud Sept. 25 and was ordered to pay more than $3,000.

BWC opened an investigation after receiving an allegation that Whitford may be working while he was supposed to be recovering from a workplace injury. Further investigation revealed Whitford did work for Brunswick Home Improvement, as well as in a self-employed capacity, while receiving Temporary Total Disability benefits.

Customer checks were identified and payroll records from Brunswick Home Improvement revealed he returned to work as a roofer and a general construction worker. Several customers identified and confirmed that they hired Whitford to complete some home repairs during the same time he was claiming to be disabled.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Julie Lynch sentenced Whitford to a suspended jail sentence of 180 days, and ordered him to pay BWC restitution totaling $3,239.23.

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