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Confidentially speaking – Reporting suspected fraud as an anonymous source

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Have you ever heard or seen something related to workers’ compensation that seems suspicious? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of citizens have suspected fraud and reported these suspicions to BWC. In fact, since 1993, SID has received and reviewed more than 100,000 fraud allegations. Many of these allegations were reported by anonymous sources, just like you.

All of these sources had at least three things in common:See it, report it, stop it!_Page_1

  • They suspected fraud. Perhaps, they read an article posted to our Facebook page. The article may have described examples of common fraud schemes, cases we’ve investigated, and suspects that were brought to justice. Something in a case example may have “clicked” and prompted them to realize they had knowledge of a person or business who is doing something similar. They may have also visited ohiobwc.com and learned more about the red flags of claimant, provider, and employer fraud.
  • They figured out how to report their suspicions to us. Some used an article posted to our Facebook page to learn that they could easily report fraud at ohiobwc.com. They were likely reassured when they learned that to report workers’ compensation fraud to BWC, they needed only to suspect that fraud may have been committed. Further, they realized our trained and experienced special agents conduct the investigation and testify in court, while they remain anonymous.
  • They determined to do the right thing. They took immediate advantage of the online form or our toll-free fraud hotline, 1-800-OHIOBWC, to report their suspicions.

Ultimately, these sources are the reason why we have identified more than $1.5 billion in savings to the State of Ohio… and counting.

Thank you for being our eyes and ears!

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