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Celebrating 20 Years: Eyes on the Future

In honor of our 20th anniversary of the BWC’s Special Investigations Department (SID), we welcome you to the third of a three-part series of blog posts outlining the history of the department, its current offerings and its future goals. We welcome your thoughts and comments!

In addition to a highly-trained staff, the key to the SID’s success is the continued planning by the director and SID team supervisors. Progress is guided by five-year strategic plans. To date, SID has completed three of these strategic plans, the most recent plan having concluded in fiscal year 2013.  Over the next several months, SID professionals will meet and draft a new strategic plan to guide the department through the next five years.

One of the chief ways to find new or alternate methods of fraud detection and investigation is to consult counterpart agencies in other states and even private fraud investigation firms through periodic benchmarking surveys. Such interstate cooperation allows SID to examine its own methods to see where improvements can be made, how tasks can be accomplished more efficiently, and what new strategies or technologies can be used in the course of an investigation.

SID will continue to improve its use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to aid investigations.  Using social media is an example of how SID constantly responds to technological advances and changes.  Check out recent coverage from the Toledo Blade on how social media aids our investigations.

One of the highest priorities for SID is the never-ending search for ways to improve.  We believe that past achievement is not a guarantee for future success, and that contentment is often the quickest road to experiencing failure.

Thank you for following our three-part series about SID’s 20th anniversary! You can read the past posts about our history here and our current efforts here.

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