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Celebrating 20 Years: How SID Began

In honor of our 20th anniversary of the BWC’s Special Investigations Department (SID), we welcome you to the first of a three-part series of blog posts outlining the history of the department, its current offerings and its future goals. We welcome your thoughts and comments! 

SID was created in June 1993 to protect the State Insurance Fund by preventing, detecting, and convicting those who commit fraudulent activity. Over the past 20 years, SID identified more than$1.5 billion dollars in savings tDoc12newo the state fund.

Prior to June 1993, fraud detection and investigation existed within BWC and the Ohio Industrial Commission (IC). It was at this time, however, when the department broadened its scope to include Special Investigations Units (SIUs) and officially became the Special Investigations Department. Since then, SID continues to uphold the dual functions of fraud investigation and special investigations. Under the guidance of Ohio criminal fraud statutes found in 2913.48 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) put into effect on July 21, 1993, SID is charged with deterring and investigating workers’ compensation fraud. The law made it easier for workers’ compensation crimes to be prosecuted. Previous sections of the ORC were far too general and not specifically written to prohibit this type of fraud.

SID defines its main responsibility as preventing, detecting, investigating, and ultimately prosecuting workers’ compensation fraud. With the development of specialized and innovative teams of employees, SID adopted techniques to support its main goal beyond the typical processes of identifying and investigating fraud allegations.

Significant interagency cooperation has been essential to its success. For example, the Intelligence Unit exchanges data with other agencies, such as the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, to identify potential claimant fraud as well as the Attorney General to locate subjects with outstanding fraud warrants. Moreover, SID members collaborate with one another through think tank sessions designed to identify fraud red flags. Social media monitoring allows for discreet and easily-accessible fraud identification and investigation.

Stay tuned for our next post about how SID stays one step ahead of fraudsters!

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