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Safe and secure: BWC Security ensures we are both

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is comprised of 1,985 dedicated professionals providing exemplary workers’ compensation services from 15 customer service offices located in 16 facilities throughout the state. Some of these facilities also host employees of the Industrial Commission (IC) of Ohio, including the hearing officers who conduct all IC claim-related administrative hearings. Moreover, the site of our main headquarters – the William Green Building, 30 West Spring Street, in Columbus, Ohio – furnishes office space to other agencies, such as the Ohio Ethics Commission, Ohio Industrial Commission, Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, and Ohio Administrative Knowledge Systems. The William Green Building also hosts many large events throughout the year in its auditorium which seats 375 audience members.

BWC facilities annually experience tens of thousands of visits from employees, customers and members of the general public. Moreover, from these BWC facilities, employees also annually experience hundreds of millions of direct customer service interactions. These include more than one hundred million hits to our e-commerce based Web site, www.ohiobwc.com; and hundreds of thousands of incoming and outgoing telephone calls, more than four million pieces of mail, and countless e-mails. Each employee, customer, and visitor deserves and receives our very best. Most essentially, all interactions must be safe and secure.

Ensuring the safety and security for employees and customers is the mission of BWC Security. To meet its mission, a team of 41 dedicated professionals furnishes security services, threat assessments and investigations for all BWC staff statewide. The team uses dozens of key strategies, including:

  • Co-conduct security and safety training for all BWC employees located in each facility;
  • Conduct audits of each facility’s access control cards;
  • Provide quick reference guides detailing the optimal response to any building emergency;
  • Budget security equipment enhancements for facilities;
  • Monitor the security equipment installations and upgrades in all facilities;
  • Maintain an Automated Critical Asset Management System in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Homeland Security and the Ohio Department of Public Safety for first responders during a building emergency;
  • Initiate an Employee Emergency Notification System due to any business interruption or office closure; and
  • Conduct joint investigations with local and state law enforcement officers.

A Case In Point

The BWC SID safety violations investigation unit (SVIU) received an anonymous voice mail message. The caller threatened to “blow up” the SVIU office. BWC Security worked with the SVIU, Ohio State Patrol, and other Special Investigations Department staff to identify the threatening caller as a management employee of an employer investigated by the SVIU.

In the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, the management employee was charged with two second-degree misdemeanor counts of telephone harassment and one fourth-degree misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. The defendant pled guilty to one second-degree misdemeanor count of telephone harassment. The court sentenced the convicted subject to serve one year of community control and to pay $189 in court costs, a $100 fine and a $50 probation fee.

Be on the Lookout

This concludes our fraud awareness series. Be sure to read more about BWC fraud investigations in our SID FY 2011 Annual Report.

If you suspect anyone is committing workers’ compensation fraud, let us know. You may report it online at http://bit.ly/reportfraud or you may speak with a fraud hotline agent by calling 1-800-OHIOBWC.

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