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SID digital forensics unit: Ensuring justice for even the smartest criminals

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In our digital age almost all data elements are stored electronically – whether on computers, laptops, servers, digital recorders, iPads or smartphones. Even criminals who think they are too smart to be detected, investigated and prosecuted, routinely use one or more of these electronic devices in the course of their crimes.

To bring these criminals to justice, the SID digital forensics unit (DFU) provides a full range of technical support for special agents conducting workers’ compensation fraud investigations. In fact, the unit’s primary duties include the forensic imaging and analysis of digital data from electronic devices. For example, when executing search warrants, the forensic analysts make exact copies of the storage from these devices. Then, employing specialized training, these uniquely talented professionals use specialized forensic software to filter through a vast amount of information.

During just the last year, the unit has processed 12.88 terabytes of data. This quantity is equivalent to 6,282,923,587 printed pages. These pages, if stacked, would be stretch 397 miles high – or the length of 6,981 football fields.

A Case In Point

Forensic analysts are often required to gain access to proprietary software, such as office billing and point-of-sale software, in order to provide data to investigators. In a recent case, the unit worked with a software developer to successfully gain back-door access to the sales and time keeping software of a long-defunct business. The data provided essential information to SID special agents. The evidence proved to be a very important component of the case, which identified almost $350,000 in savings to the BWC State Fund.

Be on the Lookout

Look for our next fraud awareness article that will discuss our SID Fugitive Task Force. Meanwhile, be sure to read more about fraud investigations in our SID FY 2011 Annual Report.

If you suspect anyone is committing workers’ compensation fraud, let us know. You may report it online at http://bit.ly/reportfraud or you may speak with a fraud hotline agent by calling 1-800-OHIOBWC.

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