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Making Copies: Employers That Falsify BWC Certificates of Coverage

Every six months, BWC provides a new certificate of coverage for employers to post in a high visible location. Devious employers alter the validation dates on past BWC certificates to make it appear they have maintained current coverage; for example, when a certificate is needed for a bidding process.

A Case in Point
The Employer Fraud Team received an online allegation alleging that a contracting company was operating without workers’ compensation coverage. The investigation revealed that the contractor had provided two false BWC certificates of coverage to their clients, in addition to operating with employees, while reporting zero payroll for eight years. The owners of the company each pleaded guilty to fourth degree felony counts of workers compensation fraud and were ordered to pay $52,245 in restitution to BWC.

Red flags that may indicate a falsified or an altered certificate of coverage include:

  • Alterations to dates or other information on certificates, e.g. cross-outs, type-overs, etc.
  • Name of business is different from the name on workers’ compensation certificate
  • BWC Administrator’s name is incorrect

Anyone is able to determine whether an employer operating in Ohio has workers’ compensation coverage by visiting BWC’s online employer lookup at: https://www.ohiobwc.com/provider/services/mcolookup/nlbwc/default.asp.

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